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Who are we??


We are a locally owned business, owned and operated by husband and wife, Ron and Lauren. We were both born and raised in WNY and are parents of 3 wild and crazy boys! In the minimal free time we have, we love to take the kids to the Zoo, cheer for the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres, and go on family vacations. They say don't go into business with family or friends but we didn't listen to what "they" say. Come support our family and check out Smash Brothers!

What makes Smash Brothers NY Rage Room different?



When you come to Smash Brothers NY Rage Room you may think your just breaking old glassware and electronics but its much more than that. A lot of rage rooms take donations for their inventory, we're a bit different. 95% of our inventory is actually purchased. We buy damaged goods direct from non profit donation centers instead of them throwing it out in the dump. It means that coming to Smash Brother NY Rage Room is helping support our local communities and we're all for that! 

(We do accept donations - no tube TV's at this time) 


Not only do we enjoy helping out our local non profits, we also enjoy helping out the environment. "But how do you do that Smash Brothers?!" Great question. Once you demolish everything inside our rage room we don't just scoop everything up and throw it into the trash, no. We RECYCLE! You heard right, we spend hours sorting through the broken rubbish to separate apart the plastic, metal, wires, computer boards, glassware, etc and take them to their respective recycling center.

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