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"So do you like, go in the room and start breaking sh*t?"

Basically, yes. Once you go in the Rage Room and we close the door you are able to break, throw, hit, and smash right away. Before you get to step foot in the Rage Room you have to do a couple quick things.

First things first, you HAVE to sign a waiver. Under no circumstance is there any exceptions. Rage Rooms are considered an extreme sport with a chance of injury, (you are breaking sh*t in there after all), and waivers are required to be signed. You MUST be 18+ to participate.

Second, if you purchased additional electronics, you get to pick out what electronic you would like to smash. So many choices but you can't go wrong with what you pick. 

Third, you get suited up for safety. You'll put on a protective suit (we have sizes from small to 4 XL Tall), pick out a face shield or a paintball mask, protective gloves and booties for your shoes. 

Lastly, we take you in the Rage Room and then the fun begins!!


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