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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need to bring?

      A. You, closed toed shoes, and every ounce of pent up anger you have. 

Q. What is there to break?

      A. We have an ever changing variety of things to break. All types of glassware, ceramics, printers, and other electronics. We have a car door and a 55 gallon metal drum in the rooms as well. We also allow you to bring some of your own stuff to smash, like that picture of your ex! (BYOB - Bring Your Own Box)

Q. Do i need a reservation?

      A. Yes. Schedule your time with us online. We currently do not accept walk ins. 

Q. What can I bring in my BYOB?

      A. You can bring a box of your own breakables and/or electronics. All items will be checked by staff to make sure everything is safe to break. Tube TVs, florescent lights, and batteries a few things we don't allow in. 

Q. How many people can be in the room?

      A. We limit the number of people to 4 in our large room and 2 in our standard room. Make sure its someone you trust with your life! We have viewing windows so you can watch your family, friends, or loved ones inside the room raging out!  **YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SWING AT ANYONE IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!**

Q. How old do I need to be?

      A. We have to limit the smashing to 18 years of age and older. Adults get to have all the fun!

Q. Is there music?

     A. Rock Out while you Rage Out! Both rooms have a bluetooth speaker available for you to sync up and play your music.  Or if you smashed your music player before you found us, just let us know what you want to hear and well make it happen.

Q. Is it safe? 

     A. There will always be some risk where you are breaking things, (that's part of the excitement) but we do your best to outfit you in full protective gear. Waivers MUST be filled out by every person who participates. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SWING AT ANYONE IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!

Q. Is there parking?

      A. Yes, free parking is available on both sides of the street in front of the building.

Q. I'm under the influence, can I come to break things?

      A. Absolutely NOT. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted in. PERIOD.

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